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About us

                    We are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God.   We believe in God's Word and trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior; With that, we walk out into the world as Christ called us and we love, share, teach, encourage, build up, and support our neighbors, orphans, widows, the broken, lost, hurting,   and captive, along with our bleeding brothers and sisters in Christ.    We serve those in need with the Kingdom laws of relationship allowing for grace and truth to fill lives with faith, hope, love, and purpose!

Founded in 2019 Kingdom Over Culture has worked throughout Oconee County helping individuals and families in need. Seeing a great need, in the jail and on our streets, KOC shifted in 2022 to focus on women who suffer from substance use disorder and who experience recidivism.  In 2023 KOC launched New Life Women’s Recovery Home, which is a transitional sober living facility.

At New Life Women’s Recovery Home, we aspire to create an environment and an opportunity for women who desire to get and remain sober as well as build a new life for themselves and their families.

After being open for a year, the simplest way to explain what we ‘do’ is we practice living sober. We let go of the old, heal from the past, grow to understand our identity in Christ and then we walk it all out!

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